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Customers service


Shopping for professional consumers

In all Tempo centres professional consumers can also do their shopping.

Professional consumers in wholesale department in Tempo centres are offered the whole assortment (food and non-food goods) and they can buy goods over their bank accounts as well as by payment in advance and deferred payemt. Tempo centres offer discounts after a discount scale for payment in advance and deferred payment.

It is very easy to become a Tempo consumer. You only need to fill in a Register form and sign a Sales contract. Tempo centres offer professional consumers to order the goods by fax or e-mail and then pay the goods by a pro forma invoice, cashless transfer of money from their account to Delhaize's account.

For purchase goods in the amount over 15.000,00 dinars, you can get a free transport to the consumer's address up to 20 km in 48 hour deadline.

All additional information can be obtained by the Sales Manager for professional consumers in each Tempo centre as well as calling the following phone numbers:

  • Tempo centre Viline Vode, Viline Vode n.n.,Belgrade, Tel: 011 2075-332, 2075-364, Fax 011 2075-359
  • Tempo centre Kvantaš, Autoput za Zagreb 35, New Belgrade, Tel: 011 2091-311, Fax: 011 2091-325
  • Tempo Ada, Obrenovački drum 3, Čukarica, Tel: 011 3054 300
  • Tempo Lekino brdo, Bačvanska 21, Vračar, Tel: 011 7857 421
  • Tempo centre Novi Sad, Tekelijina n.n. north zone, Novi Sad, Tel: 021 4802-533, 4802-534, 4802-535, Fax: 021 4802-504
  • Tempo centre Niš, 80 February 12 Avenue, Nis,Tel: 018 507-288, 507-289, Fax 018 507 227
  • Tempo Kraljevo, Industrijska zona Seovac, Tel: 036 309 423, Fax: 036 309 422
  • Tempo Užice, Milosa Obrenovica bb., Tel: 031 591 013, Fax: 031 591 012

  • Tempo Kragujevac, ugao ulice Save Kovacevica i Miodraga Vlajica Šuke; Tel: 034/355 135
  • Tempo Čačak, Železnička kolonija bb, Tel: 032 302 902