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Tempo market

Always fresh fruit and vegetables

The selection of the Tempo marketis very rich- there are 80 types of fruit and vegetables.There is pit fruit-cherries, sour-cherries,plums,peaches,nectarins; apple-shaped fruit like apples,pears,quinces; berrylike fruit like strawberries, blackberries, currants, raspberries, black and white grapes. Bulk fruit is represented by hazel-nuts,almonds and nuts.They come from all over the world.

All citrus fruit - sub-tropical-(lemon,orange,tangerine, yellow and red grapefruit) come from Greece, Turkey, Spain, Israel, Cyprus in winter, but in summer the fruit come from South Africa, Argentina and Uruguay. Bananas and pine-apples come from Equador and Columbia, and tropical fruit (avocado,mango,tamarilo,lime,kiwano,maracuya..) come from the tropical area of South America and Asia.

All the fruit is of excellent quality and prices are on the level of any market, at weekends even lower.. There are world best brands like banana "dole" (best in the world) , orange "jaffa" etc.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables(potato, apple, green vegetable, cabbage….) are brought directly from the most famoust agricultural zones all over Serbia.In that way a direct cooperation with manufacturers is achieved, which leads to lower market price.

Fruit and vegetablesare kept in appropriate conditions and they absolutely fulfill all sanitary conditions. At our storehouses there are keeping and dosing chambers.

The fact that bananas have been among top ten selling products for months proves that we have invested a lot in developing fruit and vegetable section.

The most important advantage of Tempo market is an excellent quality of fruit and vegetables, lower prices compared to those on any market place, absolutely precise measuring and possibility od deferred paying.